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The vibrant industry of sign making plays a huge role in our daily lives, from shop front signage to billboards, providing signs to help us find where we are going and get the information we need.

Sign making is constantly changing and over recent years has become a very competitive and diverse industry.

Not only is there more demand for creativity with design and brand creation but also, the expectation to provide high tech architectural sign applications plus traditional hand painted techniques. This highlights the diverse range of skills that are needed and required to be a great sign maker… skills that far exceed beyond a typical graphic designer.

Signee training has been created to meet the needs and requirements that the industry demands, it has been made to help raise the industry standards, future proof the industry and enhance the knowledge of our workers so that they may become experts in their industry.

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about signee

our mission

Innovating the future of education in sign making technology.

our vision​

To engage and provide quality expert knowledge and skills to better our industry standards in all aspects of sign making and design learning.


Signee’s purpose aligns with NZSDA’s mission and vision and acknowledges the need for a training programme at entry level into industry and accelerated training opportunities for existing members within the industry.

signee training
courses will:

+ address the skills shortage in the industry

+ attract and retain more people into our industry

+ provide training that leads to entry level employment or an apprenticeship in sign making

+ provide further training opportunities for our current members

+ enhance and support training for the sign making apprenticeship

+ end goal is to achieve master sign maker status

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six pillars

six pillars

Training courses will focus on developing skills and knowledge of industry standards in the ‘core‘ six pillars of sign making in New Zealand.

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The style, layout, look and feel of the overall finished sign. Making decisions on what techniques, materials, substrates and print mediums will be used. 

Manufacture pillar icon


Fabricating and assembling the sign and sign parts using a variety of materials, tools, equipment and machinery.

Application pillar icon


Applying the design to a surface/substrate using a variety of processes, technology, print mediums, techniques and equipment.

Istallation pillar icon


Installing the sign using tools, equipment and machinery. This can also involve working at heights.

illumination pillar icon


Creating a wide range of illuminated sign solutions, using various lighting options and techniques. This can also involve electrical work.

traditional pillar icon


Hand painting mediums and hand rendered techniques and processes to apply to a surface/substrate.

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education to employment

* stages two and three will be designed in the future to help enable sign-making professionals to further their knowledge in specialist areas.

Stage one training programmes are designed to:

+ attract and retain more people into the industry

+ help address skills shortage in the sign industry

+ provide a good insight into what a career in sign making is all about

+ provide training that leads to entry level employment or an apprenticeship in sign making

Signee Industry – Education to employment (Industry recognised certificate)

The Signee Industry training programme is directed at those already employed within the industry at an entry level role, those looking to change direction with their career, or school leavers interested in finding out what a career in the sign industry would be like.

The Signee Industry training programme is designed to provide a well informed insight into a what a career in the New Zealand sign industry is all about. It provides fundamental knowledge and skills in the ‘six’ pillars’ of sign making and health and safety.

The Signee Industry programme is done through practical work experience in a full service sign business and online learning.

A successful completion of this industry recognised training programme demonstrates to employers in the sign making industry, that you already have some essential skills and knowledge. This means that you can be productive in many tasks from day one of employment and ready to learn more through working in the industry. 

Those thinking about sign making as a future trade/ career will have a well-informed insight into, what working in the sign industry might be like, before committing themselves to an apprenticeship. 

Check out the apprenticeship career videos about sign making in the NZ sign industry.

our helpers

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The purpose of Gateway is to enable schools to provide senior students (years 11–13+) with opportunities to access structured workplace learning.

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