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Below is an overview of the course content to support work experience.
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For Signee students only
Carved roman inscription on stone

Sign Making Introduction

Trainees will gain an insight into sign history and its evolution through time, explore universal symbols as signs and demonstrate knowledge on different purposes of signage.

For Signee students only
Design sketches

01 Design Pillar

Trainees will explore design elements and principles, typography, basic colour theory, basic design processes and gain an understanding about effective visual communication of a message.

For Signee students only
spray painting a custom letter

02 Manufacture Pillar

Trainees will demonstrate knowledge of common materials, techniques, processes and common tools and equipment used in signage fabrication and manufacture.

For Signee students only
using heat gon to apply vinyl

03 Application Pillar

Trainees will demonstrate knowledge in the selection and application of vinyl to a variety of surfaces. Develop skills in cutting, weeding, transfer techniques, preparing surfaces for vinyl and application.

For Signee students only

04 Installation Pillar

Trainees will demonstrate an understanding of signage installation methods for basic, common signs. Trainees will gain an understanding of Council ByLaws.

For Signee students only
colourful lit signage

05 Illumination Pillar

Trainees will be able to identify common sign illumination technology, channel letter and lightbox illumination types.

For Signee students only
Traditional letter painting

06 Traditional Pillar

Trainees will gain awareness of basic processes and techniques used in traditional sign writing.
Describe when a traditional method of sign making might be used.

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