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Intro to colour

In signage colour can be used to grab attention, create contrast and evoke a feeling / emotion to reflect the image of a brand / product / service, etc.. The colour wheel otherwise known as part of colour theory This is the basic colour wheel and it will guide you in making colour choices. The …

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Common typeface categories

Below is an example of the four main categories of type An extra dingbats category has been added here for you to know that graphic style fonts are sometimes used for graphic symbols, ornaments and decoration. Best practice guide for beginners when pairing categories: As a general never use two different fonts of the same …

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Type personalities

Type has meaning not just through words! Fonts go beyond the apparent written meaning and communicate more than what appears to the eye. Fonts can help set a mood and can be used to emphasise the message and impact of text. Typeface personalities Below are some examples of type personalities and the mood reflecting the …

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The six pillars of sign making Online courses will focus on a beginners guide to industry standards in the six pillars of sign making. International Sign Association videos The International Sign Association (ISA) have allowed us to use some of their videos to educate people about the sign industry worldwide. The ISA videos shown on …

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